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Eliminate Irritating Door Problems with Renewal by Andersen®

Oftentimes, it’s the little things that matter most. At home, there are so many structural things that become problematic that can affect your family’s well-being. The door is one of the many things at home that has usually some issues. Problems can start with the installation. Moreover, as your house ages, your doors in Milwaukee and all its mechanism age as well. You know your door has problems when you notice the following.

1. A door that squeaks, rattles, or scrapes. It’s irritating every time you open or close the door, it creates a squeaking sound that can get on your nerves. If not, you will feel that as you try to maneuver the door, it rattles on its hinges or scrapes against the floor which is not normal. These are typical problems that can be found on the way it was installed or possibly because of aging and other structural issues such as the hinges and the strike plate.

2. A door that sticks. Some doors in your home tend to stick which can be a problem when you open or close them. The installation might have to be checked or the door might have to be planed or sanded.

3. A door that binds on one corner. When you have to use the bathroom and the door just doesn’t close properly, it can cause issues with your sense of privacy. The problem could be the alignment on the frame or the hinge mortises.

4. A sliding glass door that doesn’t stay on its track. This can create a safety hazard within your home. Check the rollers and the metal guides if they are in good shape. Patio doors in Milwaukee, especially those made of glass and often see traffic, might suffer structural issues that need to be attended to at once.

5. A door that doesn’t stay open. The hinges might have some issue which needs to be remedied. It can be irritating to always have to place a door stop or a potted plant to keep it open.

These are some of the common problems every homeowner experiences with their doors. While it is not always a question of the quality of the installation, it happens a lot of times. With the aging of the home, every tiny part of the structure gets old as well.

When your doors are not functioning as properly as you want them, you can rely on Renewal by Andersen® to provide you replacement doors made of the best quality materials and designed with the latest in technology standards.

We also provide installation services by skillful and well-trained technicians who make sure that your doors are installed properly. There won’t be constant irritating maintenance needs because we guarantee our doors to provide you the comfort, the privacy and the security you need. Together with this, our products and installation are backed by industry-leading warranties as well as our very own Workmanship warranty. Call us now to solve your door problems.

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