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Patio Doors

Frenchwood® Hinged

French doors are steep in tradition. Andersen® Frenchwood® patio doors feature traditional wide-board stile and rail construction with mortise-and-tenon joints. Frenchwood® patio doors are custom built to your exact design specifications and professionally installed by our internal team of certified master installers.

French Door Inspiration

Hinged Patio Doors

Frenchwood® Engineering


Constructed with a glass fiber-reinforced composite.


Exterior wood door panels are protected with a urethane-based finish.


Mortise-and-tenon corner joints increase structural integrity and beauty.


Installed into most patio door openings, even in place of a sliding patio door.

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FRENCHWOOD® Gliding Patio Doors

Interested in Gliding?

The beauty and strength of Frenchwood® is not only available in a hinged patio door option but also a sliding patio door option.

Interior & Exterior Beauty

Choose from a variety of exterior & interior colors or choose a stainable interior oak, maple, and pine.

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Inswing Hinged Patio Doors

One Panel Single Open

Two Panel Single Open

Two Panel Double Open

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Three Panel Single Open

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Outswing Hinged Patio Doors

One Panel Single Open

Two Panel Single Open

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Add a Touch of Old World Elegance with Renewal by Andersen® of milwaukee French Doors

French doors have been sought after for centuries. With a bold, intricate design, they add an elegant appearance to any home. And while older French doors were carved from less efficient wood, Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee French doors utilize solid construction with a glass fiber-reinforced composite to reduce energy loss without sacrificing beauty. With durable exterior wood door panels that are protected by a urethane-based finish, our French doors are maintenance-free and long lasting.

A well-designed door can do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of a home. The right door can be the focal point of décor, directing the eye of visitors to an entry point and making a strong first impression for the overall design of your home. For many homeowners, the right door is a French door from Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee that provides classic beauty and state-of-the-art engineering.

By replacing your existing patio doors with Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee French doors, you will create a brand new pathway between your interior and exterior space. French doors are perfect for opening up to a patio or porch and can be designed to swing outwards or inwards based on your spatial constraints and personal preference. And thanks to the innovative Renewal by Andersen® design, they will tightly seal your home against the elements when closed for the winter.

The main concern that many homeowners have about installing new patio doors is maintenance. Older patio doors require constant maintenance to ensure that they can be easily opened and closed and that they do not become unsightly. Renewal by Andersen® French doors require little annual maintenance beyond simple cleaning with soap and water. The color does not fade and the beautiful design will not lose its luster through the years.