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All our windows here at Renewal By Andersen® of Milwaukee are made out of Fibrex® – a superior wood composite material that provides outlasting strength, durability, and maintenance-free advantages that outperforms other window options on the market.

Andersen’s® Leading Window Material

Where engineering, innovation, and durability come together.


Our Fibrex® windows retain their stability and rigidity for decades of use.

Never PAint¹ Again

Inside + Out

RELIABILITY + High Performance

Our superior window material, Fibrex®, outperforms all competition.


✔ doesn’t chip or crack like fiberglass

✔ doesn’t rot, decay, or mold like wood

✔ doesn’t warp, bow, expand or contract like vinyl

✔ doesn’t rust, flake, or blister like aluminum

Fibrex® keeps an airtight seal and is resistant to extreme changes in temperature and weather conditions.


Renewal By Andersen’s® combination of high standards in product engineering and exclusive materials are critical components for long-term performance. All of our windows are made of Fibrex® material, a revolutionary wood composite made from 40% reclaimed wood fiber blended with 60% thermoplastic polymer. This gives our windows the strength and durability of wood, and the low-maintenance features of vinyl while greatly limiting thermal transmittance found in other window materials such as aluminum.


Our Fibrex® windows are available in a variety of rich matte color choices as well as real wood interiors that can be stained or painted to match your home decor. Never paint your windows¹ again and enjoy them for years to come.

Whether you want a warm wood interior or a rich matte color inside and out, we’ve got you covered.

Sustainable from Start to Finish

Fibrex® is a truly sustainable material from start to finish. The production process recycles excess material back into the next production cycle, creating very little waste in the process. And while wood and vinyl material continue to pile up in landfills, durable Fibrex® continues to outperform the competition across the country and provides your home with long-lasting beauty that doesn’t yellow, bleach, or fade in the sun.

Climate performance + Energy EFFICIENT

Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee not only provides the the high performance framing material, Fibrex®, but also the right combination of glass options along with professional installation that is critical in providing energy efficiency for your home. Fibrex®, keeps an airtight seal that prevents significant energy loss. It doesn’t pit, crack, or corrode. Its low thermal expansion means that it won’t expand or contract when exposed to extreme changes in temperature and weather conditions which causes many other window materials to bow, warp. and leak air and water.

CRAFTSMANSHIP + Installation

Our commitment to precision and sophisticated installation methods provides you with windows that are custom made to precisely fit each window opening in your home and are professionally installed by us. Here at Renewal By Andersen of Milwaukee®, we are Certified Master Installers who are an extensively trained team of professionals who must meet ridged standard for workmanship, industry-related knowledge, and customer service before certification and installing your windows.


A Superior process

We not only provide you with high-performing, dependable products, but we install, design, and support them with exceptional service.

Customized + Specialty

The unique fabrication process of Fibrex® allows for the creation of many unique shapes and sizes while the strength and rigidity of Fibrex® allows for large window openings. Here’s a window project we recently installed right here in Mequon, WI.

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    Renewal By Andersen® of Milwaukee is one of the few companies to warrant the installation process as well as the window¹.

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    With strong Fibrex ® material frames, low-maintenance design, multiple color and style options, and sophisticated installation methods, we believe we offer a better solution and a better experience for you.
    Every Renewal by Andersen® window and patio door we install is labeled with our toll-free number should you need to contact us.


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