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Types of Patio Doors for Easy Indoor-Outdoor Transition

It has been a growing trend to blend together indoor and outdoor living spaces. A well designed patio can serve as an extended living room.

To complement your patio, here are some entry doors to consider for your next renovation:

Glass Walls

Most people would really prefer a bigger space. By installing glass walls, your home will be given a light, airy vibe as it gives you an unobstructed view of the outside.

There are three types of glass walls: one is a pocket glass wall, wherein the glass panels that serve as the doors will slide into a pocket in the wall so that it will disappear from a person’s view.

Next are stacking glass walls. Like the pocket glass walls, this also slides to give way into the house. However, the only difference is that it goes on top of the other glass wall and doesn’t have a slot to store the door, hence why it is called a “stacking” glass wall.

Last is the bi-fold glass wall, which features a panel folding on top of another panel to allow entrance. These entry doors smoothly stack and fold against side walls for easy access.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors leading to the patio are the perfect option for rooms that have pre-existing tight-fitting door openings with a limited floor plan space. This is mostly where balconies and sunrooms are categorized. Sliding French doors also have an aesthetic appeal, giving your home a classic look.

Another type of patio doors are the in-swing/out-swing. These are fitting for those who have enough space for their doors to open wide to allow entrance and also serves the purpose of letting a significant amount of light in.

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