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A Primer on the Manufacture of Fibrex® Material

Wood and vinyl are good window framing materials, but they are far from flawless. The former is susceptible to rot while the latter lacks enough rigidity to remain structurally sound during extreme temperature swings.

These downsides are why we invented the Fibrex® material. First developed in the ‘60s and perfected in the ‘90s, this exclusive product is arguably Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee’s biggest selling point. Below is the lowdown on the manufacturing process of this engineered composite window material.

Giving Unused Lumber a New Lease on Life

The mass production of windows and doors creates a ton of material waste since milling intricate profiles only requires portions of lumber. Instead of disposing of them, we reclaim the unused pieces, turning them to vital ingredients in the manufacture of Fibrex. This practice has saved more than 90 million board feet of lumber from getting harvested.

Mixing Reclaimed Wood Fibers and Proprietary Polymers

Our Fibrex material consists of 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight and 60% thermoplastic polymer. We dry the wood fibers to remove all of the moisture and heat the polymers to a certain temperature. Then, we mix both ingredients.

Microscopically, the wood fibers and polymers bond and create a new compound. With the right amount of pressure, we are able to make the liquid polymer fill and encase each individual cell of a fiber. Afterward, the reinforced wood fibers come together and form a durable material to resist moisture and stay rigid.

This advanced manufacturing process allows our window frames and the grilles of our patio doors hardly change despite decades of use and weather exposure.

Customizing Profiles and Colors

Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee’s patented composite material is extruded, which is why can be made in different sizes and shapes. Our extrusion process allows us to apply practically any color permanently.

Thanks to Fibrex material, the customizability of our windows are closely similar to that of ProVia® entry doors. We offer more than 16 specialty window configurations and dozens of color combinations to bring your dream products to life.

Arrange your consultation with Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee to see a sample of our exclusive Fibrex material with your own eyes. Call us at (262) 522-3034 today to get a free estimate in Milwaukee or any neighboring community.

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