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Door and Window Care: Signs Seals Have Failed

Even high-quality doors and windows are not immune to the effects of constant wear and tear. When the time comes, you have to check if the seals in your entry doors and windows are still in good shape. Here are some of the most common signs that you have to watch out for according to Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee.

Fogging on Glass

When you see signs of fogging inside the glass of your double-paned windows, it’s a sign that it can no longer insulate as efficiently as before. The fogging is caused by water droplets caused by temperature imbalance and the influx of water vapor, most likely coming through small gaps along the pane’s seals.


Entry doors and windows must maintain an airtight seal to make sure that outdoor air doesn’t leak in and affect indoor temperature too much. One way to check if the seals are intact is to moisten your hand and run it along the edges of the panes (where the seals are). This will help you feel if air is blowing through even hard-to-see gaps in your windows and doors.

Bending or Warping

Because temperature changes can cause different materials to expand or contract, warping along door or window panes can sometimes occur. In severe cases, it can be drastic enough that it can compromise the structural integrity of the material. Make sure you have warped windows or doors replaced or repaired ASAP.

Higher Energy Bills

Some signs of failing seals are not immediately visible. Since your home’s HVAC will need to use more energy to regulate the temperature indoors, this will result in an increase in your home’s electric bill. Pay attention to your monthly bills and see if a sudden increase in costs may be caused by a failed seal. If that’s the case, find an expert in patio doors to have the issue resolved ASAP.

Make sure your windows and doors remain properly sealed. Renewal by Andersen is the leading windows company in Milwaukee and nearby areas. You can call us at (262) 522-3034 or fill out this contact form to request a free estimate.

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