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The Right Shade to Paint Your Patio Door

From the interior to the exterior, your patio door is a important transition. The right color and shade can make it stand out. It takes a specific design, however, to pull off the most vibrant of colors. A safe alternative is to paint doors with neutral colors like gray, beige and brown.

The Right Shade to Paint Your Patio Door

At Renewal by Andersen®, your local experts on the design and installation of doors, we explain why neutral colors are great and how you can find one that works for your design.

The Supportive Actor

Neutral colors don’t stand out unless they need to. They can provide your door with an unassuming look by highlighting the surroundings, instead of pulling attention to itself. Neutral colors can blend in so that the visual focus can be on a decorative piece, such as the floor of your gazebo or even the design of the entire patio. In our catalog, we recommend white and sandstone as reliable, supportive colors.

Versatile Blend

Other than being a great choice for your patio doors by shifting the visual focus away from the door, neutral colors also have the advantage of blending with any style. No matter what architectural design you have, neutral colors can fit in easily.

This is a stark contrast to more vibrant colors like orange or yellow, which work well in some styles but clash horribly with others. For example, our sandstone and canvas colors can fit most styles ranging from Renaissance to Victorian architecture.

Visually Admirable at all Times

One of the best advantages of neutral colors is how they never overstay their welcome. Other colors might look good for the first few weeks. After that, however, the color can fade, or they can be come tiresome. Look at white or oak or Terratone, though; they never look out of place. You can use them for your entry doors for several years and they will always still feel appropriate. That’s how visually calming neutral tones are.

We provide neutral colors for both our windows and doors. If you have any design in mind, call us at (262) 522-3034 for your free, in-home consultation in Milwaukee and nearby areas.

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