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Signs Your Exterior Doors Call for a Replacement

Unlike your interior fixtures, your exterior doors take direct beatings from Mother Nature. If you know when exactly to replace them, you can increase your home’s curb appeal, efficiency, and even security through a single remodeling project.

Exterior Doors

As the premier provider of entry and patio doors in Milwaukee, Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee shares the biggest signs you need new exterior doors. These are the red flags to look for:


Visible forms of wear are not just an aesthetic liability, but also a cause for concern in terms of energy performance. Cracks, blisters, flakes, and the like create small holes that pave the way for air leaks. They compromise your insulation, allowing your indoor heat or conditioned air to escape with no resistance. Ultimately, this causes your HVAC equipment to work overtime and use more energy just to reach your preferred indoor climate.

While caulking and weather-stripping are the normal solutions, they wouldn’t suffice to weatherproof and insulate your interior. Make sure the frame of your exterior doors in Milwaukee is not prone to damage. At Renewal by Andersen, we make sure our doors are durable enough. The engineered wood is designed to avoid wear and tear.


Struggling to open and close your doors might indicate they already contracted and expanded too much. It could also mean that your foundation has already shifted. Either way, you should strongly consider replacing them when they keep on getting stuck. If they always seem to be ajar, your exterior doors might do little to raise your level of security at home.

Fortunately, our Andersen® patio doors feature a reach-out lock system to ensure increased security. In addition, they feature Andersen track rollers, which are two adjustable, self-lubricating tandem rollers that use steel wheels with ball bearings. They provide reliable gliding with superior weathertightness.


It’s not uncommon for old doors to show their age, but proper maintenance can normally erase the unappealing visual effects of aging. When they have seen better days and show signs of draftiness or jerkiness at the same time, giving them a replacement is the most reasonable thing to do.

Besides, getting our replacement entry doors in Milwaukee can enhance the look and feel of your façade. Newly minted patio fixtures, on the other hand, can transform both your indoor and outdoor spaces with the right design.

Find out if you need new exterior doors. Call Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee now at (877) 977-3639 and set your free appointment with our consultant to discuss your needs.

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