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How to Adjust a Sliding Glass Door

A sliding glass door provides your home with a seamless transition to the outdoors and allows more natural light into your home. However, there are instances where this door type can get stuck or at least get harder to operate.

How to Adjust a Sliding Glass Door

Learn how you can adjust a sliding glass door from your local provider of high-quality doors, Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee.

Clean the Door Track 

The tracks allow the roller wheels of a sliding glass door to run effortlessly. Dust and grime can build up in the track over time, which can make the door harder to open or close.

Using a mild detergent-water solution and a toothbrush, clean the inner surface of the track. To remove heavy dirt and stubborn grime, use a cleaning solution, such as mild soapy water, vinegar or a liquid window cleaner. Wipe the surface with a cloth in a circular motion.

Do Not Lubricate the Track

Clean the inside head stop and track of sliding patio doors. Keep in mind that using lubricants on the track will cause the rollers to slide and not roll. Never use abrasive solvents and cleaners for your doors.

Adjust the Door Rollers 

The rollers allow the doors to slide back and forth within the track. See the holes on the glass door for holes that hide the adjusting screws to the rollers. You can use a blunt knife to loosen the cover. With a flat screwdriver, adjust the roller screws at a lower or higher height, depending on what works best for your door.

You may need to adjust the latch receiver after adjusting the rollers and checking for an even reveal. Slowly close the operating panel and then gently turn the inside thumb latch to lock position. Make sure that the latch engages with the latch receiver properly and pull the panel into the side jamb for a tight fit. You can tweak the adjustment screw on the latch receiver using a small flat blade screwdriver.

At Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee, our sliding patio and entry doors are designed to slide easily on a ball bearing track rollers with superior weathertightness. The reach-out lock system tightly pulls in the door panel for increased security. For minimal maintenance, the frame is covered with a beautiful rigid vinyl sheath. Call us at (262) 522-3034 or fill in our online form to schedule a free consultation. We work with homeowners in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.

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