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4 Things to Consider When Looking for the Right Patio Doors

Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee offers sliding and French patio doors. Each can be a good fit for your home, but which one will depend on the style of your home and overall convenience. When looking for the right patio doors, consider the following:

4 Things to Consider When Looking for the Right Patio Doors

1. Space

The space in your room will determine the type of patio door for your home. A space filled with furniture and other fixtures would mean little to no room to swing open or close the door. Choose a gliding door for this space. Otherwise, French doors are for you.

2. Ease of Access

The ease of going in and out of your home can be a factor in choosing the right patio doors. If your room has limited foot traffic, then sliding patio doors are a good style choice. French patio doors are perfect if you expect to move furniture or bring in many guests during one of your parties.

3.  Glass

Both patio doors have one thing in common: glass. Depending on which type you want, consider your glass package for the best benefits and efficiency. Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee offers a wide range of glass options for doors to promote lower energy consumption and increased daylighting for your home.

4. Material

Your patio doors should be made of quality material that is durable and easy to maintain. This is important when choosing them as your home’s main entrance. Renewal by Andersen suggests Fibrex® material for your doors. It is guaranteed not to crack or chip and is great in providing energy efficiency.

With either the sliding or French patio doors, you can’t go wrong. They both add visual appeal and convenience. Fortunately, our company has what it takes to provide replacement doors that look great, function well, and bring value to your Milwaukee home.

Learn more about our entry doors and sliding and French doors by calling us at (262) 522-3034. You may also complete our contact form.

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