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Top Picks for Entry Door Colors in 2015

Last year, we at Renewal by Andersen®, the top installer of entry doors in Milwaukee, noticed that more and more homeowners are opting for colorful entryways. Vibrant colors such as bright yellows, light greens, and fiery oranges became popular color choices for entry doors. Will this trend of people painting doors with bright lively colors carry on this year or will we see a comeback of the traditional colors in our people’s front doors?

We at Renewal of Andersen of Milwaukee think that we’ll be seeing more of those exuberant colors this year. With the start of a new year, we all definitely want to have a fresh new look in our home’s façade; and the best way to do so is to add color by painting your front door with bright colors.

Here are some color suggestions by us here at Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee:

  • Yellow

Bright, fun, and lively – that’s what the color yellow radiates. It can be used on both traditional and modern designed homes.

  • Orange

This color is truly going to be a head-turner. Lighter shades are usually used on modern designs while darker shades tend to be more suitable for a traditional setting.

  • Purple

This color is truly a unique choice as not a lot of homeowners choose this color for their entryways. Though purple is an unpopular choice, it is still packed with personality and individuality that can certainly bring out your character.

  • Lime Green

Fun, bubbly, and playful, but a little bit calmer than yellow – that’s what lime green can bring to your home. It is definitely the perfect color for modern homes.

  • Red

Passion and desire is what the color red can bring to any homes. It can also complement just about any style.

As for replacement doors in Milwaukee, we are still the top choice for most residences. With our experience and reputation in the home improvement industry, we only offer the best. That’s why we offer doors from both Provia and Renewal by Andersen. No other door manufacturer can match the quality of their craftsmanship when it comes to entry doors. Just call us at Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee today.

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