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Top 3 Benefits of Replacing Your Patio Door

Old patio doors might not be energy-efficient, may have problems with use, or present a security risk. Additionally, an outdated door negatively affects a home’s appeal. Replacing your patio door can lead to many benefits. Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee explains.


1. Energy Efficiency

Within 10 to 20 years, ordinary doors may start breaking down. The weather stripping might be worn so the door becomes less energy-efficient. Another culprit could be the glass. Ordinary door glass lets in much of the sun’s heat, especially during summer. This may lead to increased utility bills as your air conditioning works harder to make up for rising temperatures.

Consider replacing your patio doors in Milwaukee with a Renewal by Andersen product. Our units feature a weatherstrip/interlock system that provides a flexible seal to keep ventilated air inside your home and prevent unwanted and costly energy loss.

In addition, our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass is 56% more energy-efficient compared to regular glass during summer. It works by bouncing back the sun’s heat where it came from. You may save money on bills down the line because you no longer need to overwork your AC system to keep your home cool.

2. Beauty

Better patio doors could restore your home’s appeal by adding ambience and charm to the areas you install them in. Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee offers both contemporary and traditional door design options to match whatever home style you have.

For a classic look, it’s best to go with French-style patio doors. We install two types: classic Frenchwood® hinged and outswing patio doors as well as space-saving gliding units. If you prefer a more contemporary design, we have sleek Narroline® and ultra-modern Perma-Shield® sliding units. All options come in a variety of exterior colors, interior finishes, and hardware you can customize to match the look of your home.

3. Ease of Use and Security

Our doors in Milwaukee are made from the best materials. They’re specially designed to withstand damage from the elements or constant use. Our gliding doors, for example, open effortlessly with a light tug–thanks to our patented Andersen adjustable and self-lubricating track rollers. Ours doors are also reliable and weather-tight. We have a reach-out locking system for gliding doors, and five-point locking system for hinged doors. These keep the elements at bay for maximum safety.

We also offer an industry-leading warranty on all our door units. This is to ensure that they will provide you with many years of superior service. Are you ready to replace your patio doors this season? Call us up at (262) 522-1001 and we’ll get you started with a free in-home consultation.

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