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The Real Value of a Door: 4 Factors before Making a Choice

If your door has seen better days, it’s time for a change. Many homeowners often ignore their door as long as it doesn’t stick or threaten to fall off the hinges. Nonetheless, a door can’t last forever, so even if it looks fine, it could be leaking air and letting in drafts.


Whether your doors are just a little worn or are rotting, you owe it to your home to replace them as soon as you can. Here are four things you should consider when getting replacement doors in Milwaukee:

1. Curb Appeal

A door represents the main entry into your lovely home, so it has to look the part. Patio doors in Milwaukee have to blend in with the aesthetics of your home. You might invest in a new shade of paint for all your walls, perhaps a new set of windows, even a new roof. If your door doesn’t fit the design, however, it will get more attention.

Fortunately, our Renewal by Andersen® doors can meet your home’s needs. They come in two styles: traditional and contemporary. You can also select a color and finish. In addition, we offer a range of hardware choices and accessories. This means your door will suit your preferences.

2. Energy Efficiency

You may think that a low-cost knockoff won’t be noticed, but your heating or cooling bills and your level of comfort indoors will tell a different story. Get a door that’s rated high for energy efficiency and that carries a good warranty. That’s exactly what we offer at Renewal by Andersen — Milwaukee. Our doors come with High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, which is our most energy-efficient package.

3. Low Maintenance

Homeowners want entry doors in Milwaukee that they can enjoy without having to maintain too much and for too long a time, each time. They just want performance and longevity with as little maintenance as possible. Renewal by Andersen provides doors like that: tough, lovely to look at, and low-maintenance.

4. Overall Value

You want a door that gives you the most value for your money: good looks, great material that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and resists the elements, energy efficiency, and a great warranty. In short, everything that Renewal by Andersen doors offer.

Let this list guide you in your search for a new door for your home. Call us at (262) 522-3034 and we’ll make sure to provide the door that meets all your home’s needs.

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