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Replacing Windows? Here Are Our Style Recommendations

Imagine enjoying a good landscape view of Milwaukee over a cup of coffee inside your home, relishing the unfiltered colors of the sky during sunset. Having a good window indeed increases your viewing experience at home! Are your old windows due for replacement? Here are the styles that we recommend.

Casement or Awning Windows

Typical choices for bathroom and kitchen areas are casement and awning windows. These types of windows allow ample amount of sunlight to penetrate, making it the best option for areas at home that require much ventilation and natural light.

Double Hung Windows

For those who want a homey and simple ambience, consider a double hung window in Waukesha and surrounding areas in Milwaukee. Renewal by Andersen® double hung windows are fabricated to tilt inward for easy maintenance. You will no longer endure the hassle of dragging out the ladder or the hose to tidy up the surface of your windows. One simple tilt and you’ll have access to the exterior without going out of the house.

Bow and Bay Windows

If you love a good view from the inside, consider installing bow or bay windows – two distinct yet similar styles of replacement windows that both provide an adequate viewing area. Bay windows are linear and use four or more window panels, while bow windows are curvy and often use of three window panels.

Sliding Window

Sliding windows allow more natural light to come in. This type of window opens by sliding horizontally, which is a practical choice for homes with limited space.

Picture Windows

These windows have large single panels that are fixed to your exterior walls, at times spanning from floor to ceiling. If you prefer fixed single glass windows that are both stylish and functional, a picture window is just perfect for you. This window does not open, making it easy to maintain.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows are a good choice for homeowners who have a specific style in mind. If you want something unique and exclusive to reflect in your home, this is a good option. Some specialty window styles include hexagon, chord, circle top, and pentagon windows.

Call us today for a free in-home estimate of replacement Windows in Waukesha and surrounding areas in Milwaukee. As your local experts on window replacement, we can recommend what’s best for your home.

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