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Cut Utility Bills With Energy Efficient Windows

Creating a sustainable and energy-efficient environment at home, more often than not, may get a lot of homeowners frowning. For one, they may have this impression that the cost of upgrading windows, the roof and walls with energy-efficient features is high. However, this shouldn’t be the case as there are other practical ways to conserve energy and money without spending too much, and you can recoup your investment rather quickly. An article from Milwaukee based online newspaper GMToday.com said that utilizing energy efficient Low-E windows is the key:

Windows are another important aspect of a house’s total system, because they are typically the weakest link in a house’s thermal envelope. A house’s “r” value refers to the resistance of heat flow, and windows have the lowest “r” value in the envelope. One current trend among builders is the installation of what are called “low-emissivity” or “low-e” windows. These windows are double-glazed; i.e., have two panes of glass with an insulating layer of air or gas in between, with special coatings that reflect radiant heat. In the winter, these coatings throw heat back inside the house, and in the summer, they reflect it outward.

Indeed, installing energy-efficient windows can help homeowners lessen their household expenses. According to the Department of Energy, these types of windows will allow homeowners to reduce their overall utility expenses by up to 25 percent. Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee, a trusted contractor for replacement windows in Milwaukee, offers energy-efficient windows that adhere to the recommendation of agencies espousing environmental issues.

The company prides itself in services related to repair, installation, or window replacement in Milwaukee to meet the specific needs of your home. They back up their products with one of the most solid warranties in the business. While you are at it saving on energy bills, you may also want to check their attractive financing options – all designed to help you fit your window replacement project within your budget.

(Article Excerpt From Home ecology, gmtoday.com)

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