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Are You Experiencing a Window Dilemma: Replace or Repair?

Should you replace or repair? This question probably has bothered you for quite some time now. If window problems such as poor energy efficiency and external noise pollution have caused you uneasiness, it’s time to, once and for all, fix the problems. Here are some of the most common issues and how to deal with them:

Noise Pollution

One of the most common problems is some windows have a poor noise threshold. An article on houzz.com details this problem, in that if the outside noise is getting through, this means that the frames are second-rate and need replacement:

“If sound is pouring through the window, it means the frame is substandard, the panes of glass are not airtight, or there are not enough panes of glass there… You need to replace it or cover it.”

Caulking. A lot of outside noise can seep in through windows. A mere 1 percent gap in the sound barrier transmits 50 percent of sound — that’s the rule of acoustics… Try something simple like caulking around your windows, sealing any gaps.


An article from facilities.net explained that the type, size, style, color, and tint of the glazing affect the overall appearance of your windows, and subsequently your entire home. The look will eventually deteriorate and you may take on the path of restoring. If your windows are too old to restore, it’s time to replace them with versions that have better aesthetic appeal. For this as well as with mechanical issues, you may call a professional window contractor.

Energy Efficiency

The newly-developed windows hold the promise of better energy efficiency. In fact, the Department of Energy has educated homeowners and consumers on installing that the right panes which can help cut utility bills. If you notice that your windows are allowing drafts to come in, have a reliable Milwaukee replacement window contractor inspect the entire system to assess if they should retire or if they just need some fixing.

For all issues regarding replacement, repairs, and quotations, ask Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee for replacement window cost quotations. If you’re on tight budget, the company offers various financial options so you won’t have to skimp on your home improvement tasks.

(Article Excerpt From Quiet, Please! How to Cut Noise Pollution at Home, houzz.com)

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