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4 Telltale Signs Your Windows Are Due For Replacement

Your windows play a great role in keeping your home efficient and protected from outside elements. That’s why it’s important to recognize if they are already reaching the end of their life span. That said, it’s not often easy to spot the early signs of their deterioration. Let Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee, your trusted windows contractor in Milwaukee, show you what to look for.

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1. Poor Energy Performance

Energy costs take up a substantial portion of most household budgets. In fact, 40% of that energy stems from leaky windows alone. When your windows start to fail, they can significantly contribute to more energy wastage that leads to higher energy bills. Replacing them with energy-efficient units can boost your savings permanently.

2. Copious Drafts

These are giveaway signs that you need to consider a replacement. While it is normal for windows to let in some air, it shouldn’t be enough for you to feel it. Drafts could mean a number of issues, such as cracks and leaks. These can lead to energy leakage, which can overwork your HVAC system. We recommend going for a lasting solution through our windows. With their tight weather seals and superior insulating properties, they can significantly minimize drafts.

3. Difficulty in Operation

Cleaning and lubricating usually do the trick when you have trouble opening and closing your windows. When these remedies don’t work, your windows might be suffering from rot and rust. The strain in operation not only limits their function, but also compromises your home’s energy efficiency. You can prevent this by getting Renewal by Andersen replacement windows in Milwaukee, WI. They feature efficient and durable components that ensure smooth operation and better performance.

4. Condensation in Between the Glass Panes

Your windows carry an inert gas between the panes. When the seals become severely damaged, this gas can leak and produce condensation. This affects your window’s ability to insulate your home. While foggy glass can be an aesthetic issue, it can also lead to a spike in your energy consumption.

Recognize these signs early so you’ll know when to opt for a replacement. It is ideal to take prompt corrective action to minimize further problems. For quality windows you can trust, choose Renewal by Andersen. We also offer doors in Wisconsin that are just as efficient. To learn more, call us at (262) 522-3034.

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