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4 Easy Ways to Choose Your Trim Color

As with most home improvements, a small alteration can make the biggest difference. This includes your home’s interior trim color, which can further enhance the look of your home with the right choice. Selecting the one that best suits your living spaces might seem tricky, but not when you turn to Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee.

Selecting Trim Color

As your provider of quality replacement units, including picture windows in Waukesha, we’ll help you choose the trim color that sets off your home’s beauty. Here are some easy ways to do it:

1. Blend or contrast as you see fit. One of the first things you should decide on is whether you want your trim color to blend with your interiors’ current scheme, or switch things up by picking contrasting hues. This makes deciding which colors to go for even easier.

2. Pick a trim that’s the same shade as the walls. It offers a modern look and a soothing feel. Since it’s the same hue as the room, the artwork on the walls and more colorful items pop out more.

3. Play it safe with white colors. White trim is a tried-and-true way to set off the look of your interiors. In fact, white makes everything look good when you use it effectively. For instance, it makes your double hung window in Waukesha look cleaner and neater if the room it’s in features softer colors. Walls with bolder colors will benefit from white trim, as well. It accentuates the striking hues in the room while providing visual relief.
Just be sure to choose the right shade of white for this. There are choices available that offer a warmer or cooler look to your interiors. Warm, creamy-white trim works better with striking wall colors. Cooler white trim, on the other hand, is perfect for walls with muted or saturated colors.

4. Go for black. A trim darker than the adjacent walls can easily serve as the focal point of your home. Black, in particular, is an elegant and brooding color. It works exceptionally well when your walls have paler hues, since it emphasizes the interesting contrast between dark and light. Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee, for instance, offers black-trimmed replacement windows in Waukesha that you can pair off-white or cream walls. This adds warmth to your home’s interiors. Of course, you’ll need to consider the size of the room for this. Black trim suits larger spaces better.

Choosing the best trim color is easier when you turn to Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee. Our windows and doors come in a lovely range of interior-exterior colors that blend with popular color palettes. Our high-end units are also available in stainable wood interiors, including oak, maple, and engineered pine—choices that help maintain the vintage look of your interiors.

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