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4 Customer Needs & the Focused Solutions That We Provide

At Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee, we start by identifying a customer need or requirement before focusing on the solution. We look at four specific needs that drove some of our finest innovations:

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1. Air Performance & Water Seals

Drafts drastically alter the temperatures in your home and can lead to overspending on HVAC units to compensate. Leaks have the potential to damage your home’s interiors. That’s why we focus on both reinforced seals and proper installation to ensure the tightest fit allowable. Our replacement windows in Milwaukee will protect you from drafts and leaks.

2. Ease of Operation

Vastly different window types have diverse means of operation: from the classic vertical slide of the double-hung to the simple glide of the sliding window. We managed to ensure ease of use by incorporating a balancer into all our windows. With a slight tapering of traditionally square corners, we make it easier to open and close our windows.

3. Cleaning & Maintenance

Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee has incorporated many innovations towards ease of maintenance. One, all our windows feature window glazing that is water and dust-repellent, making it difficult to dirty up. Second, many of our windows options are easy to disassemble, making these easier to clean without ladders.

4. Energy Efficiency

From our traditional double-hung to our more modern casement window in Milwaukee, we use Fibrex® for our frames and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass for out panes. Both are effective at regulating heat transfer. Not only does this keep things comfortable in your home; it also lowers your energy bills by lessening your dependence on air conditioning and heating units.

This focus on relevant customer needs means that our window options satisfy and deliver on what homeowners need the most. Call Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee today at (262) 522-1001 and we’ll be more than happy to tell you more. We’ll even walk you through our extensive catalog of great window designs and styles.

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