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Window Replacement: Should All Your Windows Match?

During a window installation project, most of the planning is centered on deciding which windows you should choose. However, the choice to match them with the other remaining windows is not always given much thought. So, the question is this: should all your windows match?


You Don’t Have To Match All Your Windows

Believe it or not, the answer to the question is no; there’s no need to match your replacement units with your existing windows. If you are replacing those at the back, you don’t have to repeat the pattern of windows on the front or the sides of your home. As long as they are consistent in terms of window type, grille pattern and trim, you can have a successful window replacement that takes quantity and style variations into account.

Things to Consider When Choosing Windows

Things to Consider When Choosing Windows Apart from this, it’s also worth mentioning two things to consider when choosing a new window for your home. The first one is don’t be bound by tradition. Your home might be the colonial or farmhouse style, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow window designs that are synonymous with that particular traditional home. Thanks to advanced window technology, you can now choose more modern windows and incorporate them into your traditional home.

The second one is to keep comfort in mind. See to it that your replacement windows respond to how the rooms are used and the home’s orientation to the sun and wind. This can help lower monthly energy bills through natural light and passive ventilation.

Renewal by Andersen® by Milwaukee allows you to enhance the appearance and performance of your home in a remarkable way. Whether you choose a double hung or casement window, know that your new units are custom-made to precisely fit each opening in your home and are professionally installed by our Certified Master Installers.

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