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Why Window Hardware Finishes Matter

When you consider replacing your old and problematic windows, you probably think about the cost, the type of unit (such as a double hung window or a casement window), and the company you should call to do it. If you ever do think about the finer details – such as the finish of your window handles – it might only be as an afterthought or when a sales rep asks you about it.

Window Hardware

Why are such hardware finishes important?

The Finer Details: Why Hardware Finishes Matter

The primary elements of a window are the type, the glass panes and the frame, so it is only natural for anyone looking to install new replacement windows to consider these elements first. The hardware matters too, however, and Renewal by Andersen® understands this.

Our windows come with the most popular finish, which is brass. Homeowners looking for a certain window who would like it to last a long time usually ask for brass. The “living finish” that bronze is known for is responsible for its wide popularity. People like how its patina transforms as time goes by, giving it that antique look that never goes out of style.

There are other options, though. Chrome, nickel and brass are available for most of your window products. Though they may not have bronze’s finish, these options are treated with a special coating to dramatically reduce corrosion and fading.

Don’t want the handles of your picture windows taking away from the beauty of the frame, the clarity of the glass and the awesomeness of the view outside? Consider our hardware finishes designed to match the color of the window frames.

Go Crazy With Color

You can paint each room in your home a different color, so why can’t you do the same with your windows? You can choose from among the exquisite color choices our products come in. Best of all, you can match those frames with the hardware colors. If you want one shade of window frame but would like a different color for the hardware in different rooms, you can get what you want.

At Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee, we believe that the finer details can enhance the room’s beauty, and window hardware is no exception. Find out more about the difference a little detail makes


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