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Video: The Undisputed Benefits of Andersen’s Low-E4® Glass

For more than 110 years, Andersen Corporation has been pioneering one window industry standard after another. Our parent company was behind the first mass-produced window to improve affordability, and the first double-pane window to boost energy efficiency. Then Andersen developed the insulating Low-E glass to allow more and larger window installation without sacrificing performance.

For the longest time, Low-E glass has been the last leap forward in glass technology until the introduction of the Low-E4® glass. If you ask Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee, these are the most notable reasons why it makes the best replacement windows:

Easy Maintenance

Low-E4 glass reduces the amount of time and cost spent on upkeep. During manufacturing, a microscopic titanium dioxide coating is directly applied to the outside surface of its exterior glass. When exposed to sufficient sunlight, this invisible coating reacts to the sun’s UV radiation and starts photocatalytic action. This chemical process loosens the dirt, making it easy to wash it away with water.

Also, the titanium dioxide coating renders the glass surface smooth to shed water better. When the sun activates the glass, its surface’s evaporation rate increases to dry faster and reduce water spotting up to 99 percent.

High Glass-Breakage Resistance

Every double-hung, picture and casement window with Low-E4 glass inspires confidence and peace of mind because it’s built to last. Its interior pane is heat-strengthened and offers better resistance to breakage. Covered with a protective film, you can rest assured it can stay intact and scratch-free during transport from our manufacturing facility to your home.

Exceptional Thermal Insulation

Our most energy-efficient Low-E4 glass option, the SmartSun™ glass, has a U-factor of 0.24, which meets ENERGY STAR®’s requirements for homes in the Northern Climate Zone. By blocking 72 percent of solar heat, it’s 70 percent and 49 percent more energy-efficient in summer and winter, respectively, compared to ordinary double-pane windows.

Outstanding UV Protection

Our SmartSun glass only allows 5% of UV rays to pass through it. As a result, you reduce the exposure of your valuables to UV radiation to keep them looking beautiful bold or vibrant for a longer period.

Excellent Visible Light Transfer

Bay, bow, sliding and specialty windows with SmartSun glass filter out most of the sun’s heat-causing infrared and damaging UV rays while providing adequate daylighting. Letting in 65 percent of sunshine through, its high performance has virtually no effect on the color and clarity of the light that enters your home.

Remarkable Noise Abatement

Any Low-E4 glass option makes a great investment for peace and quiet. All of our glass packages come with two panes separated by an optimum distance to block sound effectively. We also use an argon gas blend filling to enhance the soundproofing quality of our Low-E4 glass.

Let Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee help you choose the best window glass to achieve your home improvement goals. For your free, in-home consultation in Milwaukee, WI, call us at our toll-free number (877) 977-3639 or our local one (262) 522-3034.

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