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Top 3 Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Windows

Feeling bored of or dissatisfied with your home? Is it always too cold or too hot? Consider investing in new windows to quell your home’s aesthetic and functional shortcomings.


Before thinking of tearing down walls or reworking the plumbing, consider a window replacement project instead. New windows and perhaps even new doors can significantly improve the way you feel about your home. Here’s why.

New Windows Can Make Your Home Greener

The Renewal by Andersen® team can install replacement windows on your home that offer the industry standard in energy efficiency. Our exclusive Fibrex® frames and specially treated, High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass ensure superior insulation. With our windows, you can rest assured that your home’s carbon footprint is reduced.

New Windows Make Your Home More Comfortable

Because of the superior insulating properties of our windows, you can enjoy a more comfortable home environment. The days of leaking heated or cooled air are numbered as soon as you decide to call us. You don’t have to force your HVAC to work twice as hard so you can walk around your home without a blanket draped over your shoulders or having to change your sweat-soaked clothes all the time.

Better Windows Mean Better Value

Should you decide to put your house on the market, you don’t have to worry that your unsightly, damaged, or leaky windows and doors would affect its value. In fact, your new windows are likely to raise the value of your home. Waiting until you’ve recouped the cost of your new windows is not going to make them perform any less reliably. Our top-quality products and guaranteed workmanship will see to that.

Think about calling us if you ever need a pro in Milwaukee, WI, to install windows contractor and renew your love for your Wisconsin home. Call us at (262) 522-1001 for a free quote. We’re the last windows contractor you will ever need to work with.

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