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Tips on Choosing High-Performance Windows for Your Home

Heating and cooling costs contribute a huge portion to your budget. In fact, according to the ENERGY STAR®, the average American household spends roughly $2,200 yearly on energy bills, with nearly half of it going to HVAC use costs. A reliable way to lessen your energy costs is by installing high-performance windows in Milwaukee, WI. Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee offers a few useful tips on choosing high-performance windows for your home.

Windows for Your Home

Always Check the Label

Look for windows that has the ENERGY STAR label. Windows with this label offer superior performance and have undergone a series of inspections, tests, and verifications. This is to ensure that they meet the rigid standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This will also help you identify if a window replacement is energy-efficient and promotes a healthy environment. We take pride that our windows are ENERGY STAR-certified. This means you have the assurance that the windows we offer are high-performing units.

Check the R-Value

This refers to the window’s thermal resistance. Basically, the higher the value, the better the window is in providing insulation. Our windows and doors in Wisconsin come with insulating properties that improve their R-value. For example, our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass helps reduce the amount of heat that enters and leaves your home. This will help make your home cozier, lessening your reliance on your HVAC units for more energy savings.

Be Particular about a Window’s Frame Material

Different window materials have different characteristics. For instance, wood offers natural beauty and insulation, while vinyl only requires minimal upkeep. Our windows, however, feature Fibrex®  frame composite that has the natural beauty and twice the strength of wood. It also has the low-maintenance qualities of vinyl. Fibrex will not rot, fade, and corrode, allowing for lasting performance.

Check the Manufacturer and Dealer

A window’s performance is solely reliant not only on its components but also the ones who manufacture and install it. After all, you can’t expect optimum performance from a poorly made and installed window. Fortunately, you can rely on us to provide you with high-performance units.

As a windows contractor in Milwaukee committed to client satisfaction, we take pride that we manufacture and install our own windows. This means that in the rare instance that our windows underperform, you can rely on us to fix it for you. In fact, our windows come with exclusive warranties for your peace of mind.

Expect Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee to provide you with high-performing windows for your home. Call us today at (262) 522-3034 for more information about our windows.

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