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The Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement Process

Now’s the perfect time to learn the basics of window replacement. Each stage of the process can give you a clear perspective on how your window contractors work. It also makes it easier for you to prepare for after the installation is finished.

The Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement Process

Find out how we do it at Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee.

Measurement Prep

When we come over, we pick which windows need replacement most. Once you decide, you will be asked about how you want them replaced. This means the type of window, the frame, the grille pattern and other design options. We then take measurements of the windows to be replaced. These measurements help us make unique windows that fit your home exactly the way the old ones did, if not better.


Even if it is your home, you cannot simply get your windows replaced without a proper permit. This applies to any of the parts of your building, from the rooms, to the doors–even to the backyard.

The local building department needs to give their approval for your project before you can start with the work. This is especially true if the repair job is a replacement and not just a simple window swap.

Scheduling and Removal

Your window contractors need to schedule the replacement of your windows at a time that is agreeable to both of you. That’s because it usually takes anywhere from one day to three days for a standard replacement, so the entire process can be a bit intrusive.

When replacement starts, your contractors will remove each window from their places completely. This includes everything from the sashes, to the frame to the ropes holding it. So for most of the installation, you will have an empty hole where the windows used to be, and you need to be prepared for this.

Installation and Cleanup

The installation team first places an exterior trim to help the new windows protect your home against weather. Once the windows are set it in, the contractor will test it to see if it operates smoothly. Most services finish up here, but we go the extra mile and work on site cleanup after completing the installation.

For more details about window installation, including our own standard procedure, call us at (262) 522-3034 or toll-free at (877) 977-3639, for your free, in-home consultation. We serve homeowners in Wisconsin, particularly Milwaukee.

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