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The Qualities of the Best Replacement Windows on the Market – Part 3: The Brand/Manufacturer

Just as with any other product, quality is usually synonymous with the brand. Manufacturers that truly care about the quality of their products will ensure that every one of their products is designed and manufactured with high-quality materials.

Part 3: The Brand/Manufacturer

In the first and second part of this blog series, we discussed how to determine if a window is the best unit for your home. If you find a product with the aforementioned qualities, then the manufacturer of that product is definitely bound to be a cut above the rest. But in a world where competition is tough and manufacturers that produce high-quality products duke it out in claiming to be the best, how do you reliably determine that you’re dealing with the best manufacturers out there?


First, you’ll need to look at the product warranty. Manufacturing a window is a highly complex process, and even though the process is automated and the company has strict quality assurance departments, defective products can somehow end up on the market. The warranty will protect you should buy a defective unit.

Defects in modern windows aren’t always obvious. In fact, sometimes it takes a few months for the defect to appear. Manufacturers will usually provide a warranty that states that they will replace the product if found defective within a certain time frame. Manufacturers that truly trust their products will be fearless enough to provide a lifetime warranty. Some manufacturers will even go so far as to give homeowners transferrable warranties — because they are confident enough to back up their product. Should your house be sold, the new owner can still take advantage of the warranty — a fact that can even boost your home’s resale value.


Warranties are all very well and good, but how can you tell if the company consistently honors their warranties?

The best way to tell if a certain manufacturer remains true to their word is to read customer reviews. If the company has been around for quite some time, you’ll likely be able to find dozens of reviews that back up their reputation.

However, be careful when searching for reviews because many of today’s reviews are paid reviews. You’ll need to find honest reviews from customers that were either happy about the product or dissatisfied with its performance.

Works with Trusted Contractors

As you would only hire a reliable window contractor to install your new windows, a reputable brand will also entrust the installation of their products only to equally reputable local window contractors. This ensures quality control, and makes fulfilling warranties easier and faster.

Now that you have all the information needed to get the best replacement windows out there, you can begin shopping for windows with some level of confidence. To make the process easier, work with a trusted window contractor in your area that can recommend the best windows for your home and needs.


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