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The Basics of Today’s Window Styles

When it’s time to replace your windows, consider other styles than your current units. For some extra help, here is our guide to today’s window styles.

The Basics of Today’s Window Styles

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are window styles with no moving parts, which includes picture windows, specialty windows and window walls. Fixed windows have noticeably slimmer frames as they do not need to accommodate hinges or tracks, which makes them ideal for capturing beautiful views. The large glass areas also allow plenty of natural light if you wish to take advantage of its aesthetic and health benefits.

While fixed windows usually look better without grilles, specialty windows are different. Specialty windows are fixed windows built in any shape except for the usual four-sided window. Popular examples include circular clerestory windows and triangular gable windows. Fixed windows do not provide ventilation, so you should consider combining it with a sash window when possible.

Sash Windows

Sash windows, or operable windows, are perhaps the most common. They include any window style with sashes, the part that holds the glass and allows windows to be opened and closed. Sash windows include styles that slide vertically (double hung windows), slide horizontally (vertical windows) and hinged windows (casement windows). These windows offer the main advantage of allowing ventilation when needed, and they also double as emergency egress, the size of which is required by local building codes.

If you want all-purpose window styles, then sash windows are the way to go. At Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee, we offer so many styles in this category that you can switch to a new sash window style without sacrificing functionality, as long as the existing window opening can accommodate it. We also offer custom window configurations like French-style dual-sash casement windows if you favor traditional designs.

Combination Windows

Combination windows are two or more windows mulled, or combined, together, such as an operable central window flanked by two narrow fixed windows. Bay and bow windows are considered combination windows, as they’re composed of several windows that form a bay space, which can have a window seat and a storage or display space built into it. A typical bay window combination is one or two central picture windows for viewing and two double hung or casement windows for ventilation. 

Whatever window style you eventually choose, whether a bay window or a  casement window, you should choose a full-service window company like Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee for a hassle-free window replacement process.

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