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The Anatomy of Truly Energy-Efficient Entry and Patio Doors

If you’re in the market for new picture windows or looking to upgrade your entry or patio doors, chances are you’ve come across energy-efficient options. But what does energy efficiency mean when talking about doors?

Today’s article from Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee sheds light on the features and elements that make entry and patio doors energy-efficient.

A Primer on Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient doors provide better insulation than their standard counterparts. This means that they are more efficient when it comes to keeping warm or cold air inside or outside the home, depending on what the weather is like. While there are countless energy-efficient options to choose from, homeowners need to be wary of products that are only energy-efficient by name.

Below are the characteristics of truly energy-efficient patio and entry doors.

Manufacturing Requirements

The best way to ensure that your doors are energy-efficient is to check whether they have been rated by ENERGY STAR®. Even better if the doors are manufactured by an official ENERGY STAR® partner such as Renewal by Andersen, a company also known for their energy-efficient replacement windows.


Materials such as fiberglass, wood cladding and steel with a polyurethane foam core are newer on the market and are more energy-efficient than other materials. These are ideal for entry doors because these materials ensure a tighter fit, making them extremely efficient in terms of insulation. As for patio doors, they should be made of fiberglass, wooden frame, or vinyl combined with multiple gas-filled low-E glass panes for optimal energy-efficiency. Energy-efficient patio doors share a lot of qualities with energy-efficient windows.

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