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How to Make The Most of Double Hung Windows

When planning to replace your old window, consider installing a double hung window. Once thought of as the traditional window of United Kingdom, it became popular in the United States as it offers a variety of materials and enhancements. Available materials include vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. In most cases, you can even customize your window with options available for glass, grids, leading, and screening.

double hung window

Unlike casement types, double hung windows can be installed with air conditioners and screens. Should you finally decide to install a double hung window, you just need to identify whether you need inserts or full-frame replacements. Inserts are recommended for windows with frames that are still in good condition, while full-frame replacements are recommended for frames that are already worn out. Once you have figured that out, make the most of your double hung windows through these tips:

Proper Installation

While it’s understandable that you would like to install the windows on your own to save on costs, experts would still recommend hiring a contractor for replacement windows. In some cases, installing a window will require a specific set of tools. Buying those tools will add to the cost. When you hire a contractor such as Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee, you can save time and money because they already have the basic tools. In fact, most contractors have a collection of advanced equipment that you may not find easily, as these are only sold to professionals.

In addition, pros offer workmanship warranty, apart from the product warranty. Homeowners can always call the contractors when something goes wrong few days after the installation. It is always best to let the professional contractors handle issues related to window installation, as they have already confronted nearly every issue through their years of experience.


You can also maximize the benefits of double hung windows through weatherproofing. Always go for windows with the lowest U-factor. The lower the U-factor, the higher the chance of keeping heat transfer to a minimum. As for visible transmittance, you can always choose between the values of 1 and 0. Keep in mind that values closer to 1 means there will be more light coming through your window. You can also limit the air that passes through you window by making sure that all edges have been caulked.

Care and Maintenance

Grooves on the side of the window frame are usually prone to dirt and grime. Clean the grooves with a small brush. In some cases, there will also be streaks on the window glass. Make sure you clean your windows when it’s not hot outside. Dried cleaning solution on the glass causes unwanted streaks. It is also important that springs and locks are checked several times in a year. Watch out for loose parts and apply oil when the windows squeak when you operate them.

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