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Casement Windows: 4 Best Suggestions for Application

There are several ways you can open up space, but perhaps one of the fastest, easiest, and most convenient ways to do it is by putting in the right replacement windows. Here’s how we, at Renewal by Andersen®, can help. 

Casement Windows

Right Above the Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are notorious for feeling claustrophobic, what with nothing but wall in front of you as you labor over a new casserole or wash the dirty dishes after a big dinner. Some homebuilders may add a window there as an afterthought, and that’s exactly how it feels. To open it up, consider installing our popular casement windows.

A casement window is a type of window you can install singly or as a pair, as in our renowned French style. An unobstructed view of the outside is possible with the clear, specially treated glass, or by opening the windows wide on their hinges. It doesn’t matter if the sink is in the way; you can still reach and open our windows easily.

In a Room With French Doors

Our casement windows complement French doors with an easy flow and added beauty. If you have a room with French doors leading out into the patio, installing our windows lets in more light and a view of the outside, making it more inviting to open the door. They’re also perfect if you are not satisfied with the light coming in through the French doors.

As a Window Wall

A sitting room or a living room that looks and feels gloomy can be transformed into an open, airy space with plenty of light and—as needed—air. All you have to do is to install casement windows on a big expanse of wall. See how much roomier it feels once our windows are there to complement the space.

Next to the Bath Tub

Bathroom feeling a bit stuffy when all you want to do is a dip in a nice, warm bath? Open your casement windows wide and let in some of the breeze, adding to the relaxing feel of your bath.

Next to the Bed

Bedrooms shouldn’t have to be gloomy all the time, especially when you want to air them out after the cold season. Our casement windows will do the trick.

Even if there’s a space in your home that’s too awkward or small for casement windows, you can still enjoy light and perhaps a breeze with Renewal by Andersen®’s specialty windows. We offer 12 types of these windows and they come in different shapes and sizes. Call Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee at (262) 522-1001, or visit our store in Waukesha or Mequon.

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