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Aesthetic Appeal and More – Part 1: The Aesthetics of Window Replacements

Double Hung Windows — For the Traditional Look

Double hung windows are an old standby, but that doesn’t mean that they’re outdated or have gone out of style. In fact, they are still the most commonly-installed windows in all of the United States today, with a market share that’s vastly bigger than any of the others. There’s a reason this old, but dependable, style of window is still the most popular in America.

Window Replacement

Since the 17th century, double hung windows have seen wide use in the U.S., although they’ve been around for longer than that. Their use in many historic houses has caused them to be associated with that kind of timeless, old-fashioned charm, making them a great match for more traditional homes, such as ones built in the Cape Cod, Georgian, Queen Anne, and American Farmhouse styles.

Bay and Bow Windows — An Elegant Architectural Statement

Jutting out beyond a home’s exterior wall, bay and bow windows add a striking, attention-grabbing feature to your home’s exterior. Variations on the same compound window design, the bay window is differentiated from the bow window by its rather more box-like or trapezoidal shape. Where a bay window will typically have only three sides, the more gently-curving bow window can have anywhere from four to six panels.

From within your home, the effect of either bay or bow window can be equally as striking. Not only do they provide more illumination than most other windows in the same situation, they also subtly add to the perception of space in a room by adding actual usable space.

Versatile enough to be installed just about anywhere in your home, the room you install it in will dictate whether the space created will be a reading nook, additional seating for your living or dining spaces, or even just added shelf space in your bedroom or den.

That’s the view from the outside, more or less, but your windows can also do great things for the view from within! More on this in Part 2!

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