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4 Tips on Proper Routine Window Maintenance

Routine window maintenance isn’t an optional task. It’s your job, as a homeowner, to keep all of your windows clean and functional to prevent operational and aesthetic problems.

To ensure your replacement windows remain in good condition for the years to come, Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee recommends these maintenance tips:

Keep a Lookout for Water Intrusion

Make it a habit to check for signs of water penetration around your windows twice a year. Properly installed units should be free from gaps, but seal failure can happen as the caulk and weather strips wear out over time.

The sooner you spot evidence water (and air) leakage, the better you can address the problem. In turn, your bay, bow, picture and specialty windows can remain airtight and energy-efficient.

Steer Clear of Harsh Cleaning Agents

Always use a mild cleaning solution when washing your windows. Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee attests that harsh chemicals may damage the coating on the exterior glass and the finish of the framing material.

A mixture of soap and water or a liquid window cleaning product should suffice, but a solution of water and white vinegar should work too.

Dust or Vacuum Debris

Remove any dirt buildup in the tracks or on the sills to keep your double-hung, sliding, and casement window systems operate smoothly. The frequency of your cleaning depends on how much dust tends to collect in your house over a certain period.

Use a Dry Lubricant

Lubricate the moving parts of your glass units, such as hinges, locks and rollers, once a year. We recommend using a dry lubricant with corrosion inhibitors to prevent any damage to window components and avoid attracting corrosive elements like dirt.

Choose Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee products to reduce the time you have to spend on routine upkeep. Call us at (262) 522-3034 to arrange your FREE in-home consultation in Milwaukee, WI, and to learn more about the low-maintenance features of our windows.

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