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4 Qualities to Look For When Choosing Replacement Windows

Windows play an important role in keeping your home ventilated and insulated. Once they get old or damaged, you may have problems with insulation, heating and cooling because of leakages and gaps. In such cases, you’ll need replacement windows.

4 Qualities to Look For When Choosing Replacement Windows

Renewal by Andersen®, experts in casement window and other similar replacement products, cite the following qualities you need to look for before making a purchase.

1. Price Doesn’t Always Reflect Quality

Some products just have a high price tag, which may mislead customers into buying them because they associate more expensive items with better performance. This isn’t always the case; you may end up with a window that has limited use during cold weather, or can’t keep air circulating or the room ventilated during the summer. Read customer reviews, compare prices and get referrals before making a purchase.

2. Match the Climate

The replacement windows you choose and plan to install should match the interior, but they should serve a function, as well. The products you choose may have gaps or leakages that let cold air in during winter. They may also keep air out during the hot days of summer. Look for a product that matches the climate you’re in. You don’t want to make frequent repairs or replacements throughout the year because of a poor choice of products.

3. High-Quality Materials

Renewal by Andersen suggests checking the materials used for making the windows. At our company we use Fibrex®, a mix of polymers and reclaimed wood grains. This combination is more durable, energy efficient, and long-lasting.

4. Features That Matter to You

Upgrading a new window may be costly; that’s why you should focus on value-adding features. This may be a specialized design, an extra coating to boost insulation and energy efficiency or a property that blocks gaps and prevents leakage.

We at Renewal By Andersen can customize the specialty windows you want to fit your needs and specifications. Get more information about our products, services and a free in-home consultation by contacting us at (262) 522-1001. We serve the Milwaukee, WI neighborhoods and nearby communities.

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