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Questions to Ask Before Buying Windows for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms in any home that receives the most traffic. It’s not unusual for a family to spend the most time together in the kitchen, particularly if there’s an island where breakfast, snacks and light meals are enjoyed. As a busy area in the home, the kitchen needs plenty of natural lighting, and that is only possible with the right replacement windows.

Is this project what you’re preparing for? This post can give you a few pointers on what type of window to install in your kitchen.

What Do You Want in a Window?

The first question you should ask yourself is what do you want in a kitchen window? Some suggestions are ease of use, as you might have to pop open a window while also holding a pan; daylighting; air circulation; and of course, beauty. These are the four most important factors that should help you decide on what you want in a window.

What Windows Are Made for Kitchens?

There are several window styles popular in kitchens across the country.

Double-Hung – The ubiquitous double-hung window is a perfect option for the entire home. Its timeless looks and functionality sit well with most homeowners. Double-hung windows allow a healthy dose of daylight. They are also great for airing out your kitchen as the lower and upper panes can be opened.

Sliding – Sliding windows are another great option for kitchens. Not only do they offer plenty of glass, but they can also be opened by sliding them sideways, a perfect feature if there isn’t enough area for opening your windows outward or inward.

Casement – If there is enough space for opening your windows outward, then the casement window is a good choice. In addition to letting plenty of sunlight through, the casement window can also be opened to let just the right amount of air in and out.

Which Contractor Should You Hire?

There are DIY window replacement kits on the market, but these are not usually recommended. Many things can go wrong, particularly with heat transference and insulation. Instead of going DIY, choose a knowledgeable and trusted contractor. Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee is a window replacement expert you can call at (262) 522-3034.

We offer different types of windows for your kitchen and the rest of your home, including picture windows. Give us a call and we’ll schedule you for a free window replacement estimate. Get in touch with us in Waukesha.

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