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Window Upgrades for Better Bathrooms

Your bathroom is your relaxing sanctuary throughout and at the end of a very long and stressful day. As the one room in your home that you’re liable to use the most frequently, it only makes sense to invest in the look and feel of your bathroom to make it as comfortable as possible. Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee looks at the different options you can get to beautify and enhance your bathroom.


The Wall of Glass

There are few things as beautiful as a bathroom awash in the soothing orange rays of the setting sun. A good way to capitalize on this is to have one wall of your bathroom replaced with a huge picture window. Such replacement windows in Milwaukee are optimized to catch the sun’s rays. One thing you have to make sure of, though, is to have the bottom part frosted to keep prying eyes away.

The Tudor

This type of design draws its inspiration from older designs and can be a combination of two window types. The main portion consists of picture windows with customized grille patterns, which can range from simpler colonial designs all the way up to prairie. You can go for a semi-circular specialty window to top off this design—giving your bathroom a regal look while drawing in a lot of light at the same time.

The High Light

If you place great importance on privacy, you can opt to forgo the standard eye-level windows and keep them all up top. A hopper-style casement window in Milwaukee fits the bill here. It’s essentially a casement window set to its side—opening up from the top. In this design option, you place these windows as close to the ceiling as you can manage. This is a setup that draws in a lot of ambient, natural light—especially if your ceiling is whitewashed.

There are so many more great ideas that are worth looking into, and with a wide range of options available to you, the only real limit is your imagination. Give Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee a call today and we’ll be delighted to help you work out the best design options for your bathroom and other parts of your home.

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