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Window Style Series: Specialty Windows

Everyone knows that the traditional shape of a window is decidedly square. That works out fine for the most basic of uses, but there are certain instances where odd shapes are better. If you prefer a differently shaped window, you will love specialty windows.

white specialty windows

Renewal by Andersen® – Milwaukee shows the unique benefits offered by specialty windows that make them unique.

These can fit unconventional spaces

Casement windows in Milwaukee can be pretty narrow, but there are still places where they can’t fit. A prime example would be in the attic, near the roof’s peak. This is one room that will definitely benefit from a lot of light. You could put a square window up there, but it wouldn’t look or feel right because of the odd corner up top. Circle windows will fit perfectly, as the rounded corners will comfortably squeeze into the space. That’s the beauty of specialty windows: these can fill roles that conventional windows cannot.

These make for beautiful custom combinations

Specialty windows can work great by themselves, but these will work in tandem with other windows to create stunning and beautiful designs. Circle-top windows are commonly used in this regard. These can be installed atop casement windows to create much larger windows overall. This combination is perfect for rooms that require a lot of light and ventilation all at once. The combination possibilities are endless.

These contribute to energy efficiency

This last bit benefit is unique to specialty windows from Renewal by Andersen – Milwaukee. We use two revolutionary materials in all our replacement windows in Milwaukee. The first is Fibrex®, which we use for all our frames. The second is High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, which is used in our panes. Both these features resist the transfer of heat into or out of your home. This lessens the burden on your air conditioner or heater, which, in turn, saves you money off your energy bills monthly.

Specialty windows are highly customizable options for homeowners looking to fill their specific needs. These also fit those who want to enjoy something different in their homes. We also customize these windows in terms of their sizes.

Call us at Renewal by Andersen – Milwaukee, and we’ll be more than happy to help find a window that’s perfect for your home.

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