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What are Composite Windows?


Today, homeowners can choose from several framing material options including wood, vinyl, fiberglass and composite frames. Because ongoing maintenance can be daunting, many of today’s homeowners are looking for windows that require little or no maintenance.

Windows made from composite materials can be a good option for homeowners who like the look and strength of wood windows but also want the low-maintenance features of vinyl. Because of the unique blend of materials, composite windows do not need ongoing staining for painting to maintain their natural beauty, saving you time and money.

Andersen scientists engineered composite window materials in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1992, Andersen perfected composite window technology, and patented Fibrex® material. Durable and usable for many purposes, Fibrex material has a low thermal expansion rate, is virtually resistant to rotting, insulates well, and retains its rigidity on temperatures exceeding 160 degrees. That means it can withstand a variety of seasonal temperature swings across the nation—no matter how cold the winters and how hot the summers.

The integrity of the composite material is better than it is for the individual ingredients that go into it. Fibrex material, for instance, made of wood fibers and thermoplastic polymers, offers better energy efficiency than wood, better thermal performance, and the ability to produce custom sizes more readily. And while vinyl frames are known to have a higher expansion/contraction rate that can bow or break the glass seal, Fibrex material can offer the low-maintenance features of vinyl with very little expansion/contraction. It is these ingredients together that offer homeowners a unique blend of low-maintenance features yet they remain beautiful, long-lasting* and energy efficient.

Renewal by Andersen windows made with composite material can offer a wide range of colors including real wood interiors.

*See the Renewal by Andersen limited warranty for details.

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