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Top 5 Ideas for Patio Door Treatments in 2014

Renewal by Andersen® is the top distributor and installer of patio doors in Milwaukee and the surrounding communities. With all the patio doors we have installed over the years, we often hear this question from our clients: “What can I do with my patio door to make it more beautiful?” We recommend trying out these five ingenious window – yes, window – treatment ideas from 2014:

  1. Sliding Panels

Available in coordinating styles with the best assortment of fabrics and natural materials, these are perfect for large and wide patio doors. Because they glide effortlessly on track, you can easily change the mood inside your home with a simple flick of the panels. These are also perfect to match contemporary home décor.

  1. Fully Closing Draperies

This layered treatment with panels and sheers is definitely going to look stunning when installed to any patio door design. This floor to ceiling and wall to wall drapery will not only provide privacy. It will also allow you to control the amount of light coming into your home, thus, providing a way for you to control the feel and mood in your home exteriors.

  1. Sheer Verticals

These are shades that have vertical panels made from sheers. They are often used by homeowners to blend traditional designs to modern decors. This combination can create a stunning look for any home decor. Sheer verticals are also easy to operate.

  1. Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can turn an ordinary sliding patio door into a rustic piece of design that will certainly add charm to your home.

  1. Sliding Shoji Screens

If you want that oriental feel and look in your home, this is the perfect patio door treatment for you. This beautiful addition to any home allows for a creative blending of form and function while adding that distinct oriental look anyone would certainly love.

However, always remember that these are mere additions or enhancements. What matters is that your doors are functional and energy-efficient, as well as beautiful on their own.

For replacement patio doors in Milwaukee, Renewal by Andersen offers two types: the French patio doors and the sliding patio doors. Both will definitely add dimension and character to any home and will be a great match to any of the patio door treatments mentioned above. Just give us a call to schedule an in-home appointment with our local patio door experts.

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