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Top 4 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Old Windows

You may not realize it, but one of the first things you notice about a house is the windows. Many homeowners shy away from replacing their windows probably because they aren’t aware of the immense benefits this project can provide. A window replacement will not only enhance the overall outlook of your home, but also increase its energy efficiency.

window replacement Brookfield

Replace your windows if the current ones are old or have become drafty. When considering replacement windows in Milwaukee, be sure to source them from trusted companies like Renewal by Andersen® — Milwaukee. Here are four more reasons replacing your windows may just be the best decision for your home:

1. Reduced Utility Expenses

Many old homes are equipped with single pane windows, which tend to freeze shut or open. This often results in higher utility costs each month.  Fortunately, our energy-efficient windows help reduce these expenses by providing better insulation for the home. This means that there is lesser heat loss in winter, and your cooling system won’t have to work so hard during summer. Moreover, our Fibrex® window frame material outlasts and outperforms even the highest-grade vinyl.

2. Greater Investment Returns

Replacing your old windows can increase the value of your home. In fact, it provides one of the highest returns on investment (up to 80%) where home improvement projects are concerned. This is more evident if you factor in the savings from lower utility bills.

3. Ease of Maintenance

In today’s busy world, setting time aside to maintain older windows is becoming increasingly stressful. This won’t be a problem with the replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen — Milwaukee. These come with very few care requirements, allowing for easier maintenance.

4. Enhanced Protection Against The Elements

Whether it’s from the harsh UV rays of the sun or the occasional moisture buildup seeping in, old windows provide a weak barrier. This is because these are simply old! Replacing them with our window options ensures a lasting protection for your furnishings and fixtures all year round. We provide a range of choices, including picture and casement window in Milwaukee.

Take note that even the best windows will not provide the expected level comfort, savings, or look, due to poor installation. This is why it’s important to consult certified contractors like Renewal by Andersen — Milwaukee. Give us a call today at (877) 977-3639 for all your replacement needs.

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