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How to Determine If Your Home Has Sufficient Insulation

While windows do allow some air leakage, it shouldn’t be noticeable. However, if it is, small gaps and cracks may be letting too much air out. The problem with this excess air leakage is that it compromises your home’s insulation. This will make it difficult for your heating and cooling systems to keep the temperature in your home comfortable. Because the cooled or heated air can’t stay inside your house, your heating and cooling systems will have to work harder than usual. Doing so increases your power consumption and energy costs. The cause of this problem could be because of damage or perhaps improper installation.

This step-by-step guide can help you test your windows to see if they’re still properly insulated:

  1. On a clear day, thoroughly inspect the edges of the window frame from inside your home. What you need to look for here are holes. The areas where the sunlight gets through are the ones you need to seal.
  1. On a rainy day, feel the frame for moisture. To do this, run your fingers along the frame of the windows. If you feel any dampness along the frames, your windows may be allowing water to get into the house.
  1. Check the glass panes by gently tapping them with your knuckles. If you feel or hear the panes rattle, air is probably already leaking. To fix the rattling, caulk or weather-strip the edges of the glass panes.
  1. To check for leakage, light an incense stick and move it slowly along the frame of the window. Proceed to observe the smoke, especially the direction where it blows. If you notice a shift in the direction of the smoke, your frame most likely has a leak. Try to feel where the wind is coming from. To check the other windows of the house for air leaks, repeat this.

If your windows fail the test above, getting replacement windows in Milwaukee is going to be your best option.

Try to get windows that are durable and look for a company that can install them properly. In this regard, contact Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee today. We can help you inspect your windows, get you the ones you need to ensure that your home is properly insulated, and make sure that we will install them properly.

Our windows are made with our advanced composite material known as Fibrex®. This material combines the strength and insulating quality of wood with the low-maintenance feature of vinyl. This creates a highly durable, virtually maintenance-free window frame that can resist rotting, fading, corroding, and cracking. By preventing damage, you’re ensuring that your home stays properly sealed and insulated.

Upon installation, we will get the precise measurements of your home’s window openings. We will then manufacture a window that will fit those openings perfectly to guarantee that there are no gaps or cracks along the frames of your windows.

We can provide you with various window styles to choose from, such as a double-hung, awning, bay and bow, picture, custom, or casement window in Milwaukee. New windows can help you keep your home properly insulated. For more information on window replacement, give Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee a call today.

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