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Energy-Efficient Windows from Renewal by Andersen®

Windows play a crucial role in the overall outlook of any home. Over the years, energy-saving features have become a new standard for measuring the thermal performance of any window. As a leader in energy-efficient windows, Renewal by Anderson® —Milwaukee provides a range of quality products, with which homeowners can use to meet this standard.

energy efficient windows

At first glance, it may be hard to differentiate our High-Performance™ glass options from others. Nevertheless, a closer look at the manufacturing process will reveal why our glass remains a market leader to this day. Let the top provider of replacement windows in Waukesha discuss why the glass from Renewal by Anderson is superior.

Insulated Glazing

Also known as double glazing, this process incorporates a coated glass layer to the windows, preventing heat from escaping. This thermally insulates the window and improves the energy efficiency of your home. After all, we believe that two panes are better than one. We also optimize the air space width between the two glass panes, ensuring the best thermal performance.


Glass spacers determine the amount of heat or cold that is able to pass through the window. The quality of the materials used to manufacture these spacers, along with their thermal properties, is crucial to their performance. This is why we use stainless steel, instead of aluminum that other manufacturers use. Our low-conductivity spacers provide more heat resistance and promote better stability of the glass. Inferior spacers may damage the seals, and compromise the thermal performance of the window panes.

Argon Gas Filling

Replacing the air between the panes with an inert gas further increase the energy efficiency of our double glazed picture windows in Waukesha. One of the best gases used today is argon, as it offers better insulation since it is heavier than air. Argon also boosts the sound-proofing properties of the window. Argon-filled windows provide better protection from harmful UV rays.

Renewal by Anderson — Milwaukee is committed to providing only the best products for your home improvement needs. Fill out our request form today to schedule a FREE in-home consultation.

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