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Customer Focused Engineering and Innovation: the Interior

While the materials used for the frames and the glass are truly an important aspect in choosing replacement windows in Milwaukee, the craftsmanship and the simple-yet-effective engineering innovations also play a huge factor in ensuring your windows’ beauty and performance.

And we at Renewal by Andersen®–Milwaukee make sure that all our windows follow these customer-focused engineering and innovative designs to the letter to ensure that you, our valuable customers, get the best window experience you will ever have.

Aside from our highly durable Fibrex® frames and our energy-efficient High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass panes, Renewal by Andersen windows are also renowned for their well-thought-out designs and beautiful craftsmanship that will certainly add pizazz to any home design, whether for a contemporary or a classical look.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, our amazing replacement windows’ designs also serve other purposes: making sure that your home is well protected from the elements outside and offering effortless window operation and outstanding functionality.

Take the interior of our replacement windows, for example; each and every part of our window interior is crafted to make your home look beautiful from the inside, while making sure that you can close and open the window with such ease—thanks to the balancer system we have incorporated in our sashes’ corners and edges. We also integrated weatherstrips into side jambs that provide extra protection by reinforcing the seals, which, in turn, protects your home from drafts and improves air performance. Water seeping between the sills and the sashes won’t also be a problem, thanks to our gravity and angled sill, which drains water away from the window. Last but not least, the interior of our windows is designed to allow you to add grilles or muntins inside and even outside the glass.

With these simple, innovative designs, our windows are truly ahead in replacement window advancement. That’s the reason more homeowners choose us when it comes to replacement window projects. Aside from these designs, we also offer a number of window styles all across the state—from awning windows to casement windows in Milwaukee—all made from Fibrex frames and High-Performance Low-E4 glass and incorporated with our customer-focused engineering and design. Just give Renewal by Andersen–Milwaukee a call to get a free estimate on your window project.

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