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Comparing Different Window Types

Choosing the perfect windows is something that any homeowner should think thoroughly about. While they seem like just another framing for when you need a glimpse of the outside of your home, the right window for your home can also impact how much fresh air and natural light will be allowed in.

This article by Renewal by Andersen® of Milwaukee gives you a brief comparison between casement windows and other specialty windows to help you to figure out which one fits your home the best.

Casement windows

These windows can be opened outward from top or bottom or sideways, hinged on one of the framing’s sides. It gives you an unobstructed view of the outdoors, making it the perfect style for individuals and families living in a location with a great view. This also means that it’s easier for natural light to flood into your home.

There are three types: single frame casement window, the French casement and the push-out casement window. Generally, casement windows are known for providing better security  as they are quite difficult to break into. The hook-shaped locks that are embedded in its frame ensures this. This means that burglars planning to break in will have a hard time reaching for it.

A casement window also has an open sash that acts as a flap. This helps breezes to funnel into the house. This also makes it ideal for houses that are boxed in by other neighbors since the  angle of a casement window can allow the wind to breeze into your home.

Specialty Windows

For those aiming to upgrade to something fancier, you may opt for something more than the usual casement. There are a variety of specialty windows out there that can give a nice touch to your home. To give an example, a skylight window is a window installed on your roof due to limited space on walls. This allows natural light to pour in from the top.

Storm windows are another type of window that are installed in the same frame as your current window. It gives another layer that will help in blocking out drafts and heat loss. This makes it perfect for homes in cold weather.

As you can see, each one varies when it comes to their capability of providing natural light and proper ventilation. Do keep note that when choosing replacement windows for your next home renovation, there are still many specialty options to choose from.

To learn more about the various types of replacement windows we can help you with, call Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee today at (262) 522-3034 or fill out our contact form. We serve Milwaukee, WI, neighborhoods.

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