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Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Entry Door

Getting a new door for your home is not something you should take lightly. Doors play a crucial role in completing your home, from its looks to its functionality. Instead of thinking of one aspect alone, consider all the most important factors that should influence your choice. Ask yourself these questions.

What Style of Door Should I Choose?

The style of your new door should match the rest of the house, so take a cue from your windows, siding and even your garden or lawn. Your door has a huge effect on curb appeal, so choose wisely. There may also be other factors like the neighborhood theme, or your personality.

The door will also complete your home’s thermal envelope, so take into account its energy efficiency. And of course, you can’t forget about the level of security the door offers your home.

Which Material Is Best for My Home?

Like windows, there are different material options when it comes to entry doors, but the most popular is wood. It offers timeless beauty. A good wood door can improve your home’s curb appeal. You have your choice of stained or painted wood, but note that wood typically fades when facing direct sunlight.

You can also enjoy the versatility of fiberglass. Some manufacturers can make fiberglass doors that look like wood. Fiberglass is less pricey than wood and it also needs a lot less maintenance. It’s durable and energy-efficient, as well.

Steel is another good option. It’s stronger than either wood or fiberglass and tends to last a lifetime even when exposed to extreme weather. 

Should My Door Swing Inward or Outward?

Though most main entry doors swing inward, it’s not uncommon to find some that swing outward. If you get heavy snowfall in your area, however, think about an inward swinging door so you don’t have to worry about not being able to open your door against thick snow.

Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee is a door and windows contractor that can help you decide on the entry door you need. Call us today at (262) 522-3034. We’re ready to help you in Milwaukee, WI, and in other areas in Wisconsin.


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