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4 Door Problems You may Encounter During Winter

The cold won’t be the only problem you deal with during winter. This time of year may also cause problems to your home’s doors. Identifying these issues allows you to make repairs or replacements, or find long-lasting solutions.

4 Door Problems You may Encounter During Winter

The Door Doesn’t Close Properly

Your home’s temperature will drop if the door doesn’t close properly. This is a common problem that homeowners encounter during winter. This means your door doesn’t fit properly within the frame, and the jamb is slightly leaning to the right or left.

A Draft Enters the Room

Entry doors that have gaps allow cold air to enter, even if you close them properly. This decreases the temperature of a room to a level that you may not want. This also affects the overall insulation of your house as there is a temperature imbalance.

Fading Color

Wet, cold and snowy weather has a negative effect on the color of your door. Long exposure to the elements leads to the fading and discoloration of patio doors.

Door Binds in a Corner

The cold and changing weather causes your door or its frame to contract and expand. This may lead to it getting stuck sometimes. The door may also pull down from the top, making it difficult to open or close.

Long-Term Solution

At Renewal by Andersen, we provide you with long-term solutions with the quality doors and services we offer. We use only first-rate materials that can withstand the cold temperatures of winter. These are strong, energy-efficient and more durable than other materials available today. Our products don’t easily crack or chip, regardless of the weather.

If you want to get more details about the doors, products and related services we offer, contact us at (262) 522-1001. We serve the Milwaukee area and surrounding neighborhoods.

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