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Happy Labor Day!

Summer is nearly over and Labor Day is finally here. Labor Day is a day to celebrate the contributions of American workers. It is also the last chance to take a long weekend and enjoy the end of summer. Before the holiday weekend celebration starts, let’s take a minute to learn more about the history of Labor Day.

Interestingly, no one actually knows who founded Labor Day. Despite these ambiguous origins, in 1887 Oregon was the first state to declare Labor Day a holiday. In 1894, after the deaths of many workers during the Pullman Strike, it became a federal holiday celebrated by thirty states.

In its early days, Americans celebrated Labor Day with public speeches, picnics and a great deal of cigars and beer. Labor Day is celebrated in a similar fashion today, with many cities and towns across the United States hosting themed parades, picnics, barbecues, fireworks and other such gatherings. Labor Day has also come to signify the end of summer and the start of the back-to-school season.

This Labor Day, see what your city or town has planned to celebrate this historic holiday. For more information on how to use this long weekend to replace your windows before winter, visit Renewal by Andersen or call us at 1-800-595-1967. Enjoy your long weekend!

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