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Entry and Patio Door Replacement: How Does It Benefit You? – Part 3: Characteristics to Look For in a Door Installer

Door replacement may look simple, but the work takes precision borne from experience. Given how this project is a huge investment, you’ll want to make sure it’s done right. That’s why it’s always an excellent idea to hire a professional for the job. With a trained and experienced door installer, you can fully enjoy your door’s performance. After all, even the best quality entry or patio doors available can fail when the installation isn’t done properly.

Working with a pro is important, but this doesn’t mean you should choose the first door installer you come across. Here’s some handy tips on choosing the right one for your door replacement project:

  1. Get local referrals. This seems like an outdated way of doing things, but asking for referrals is a great way to find yourself a reliable door installer. A referral from someone who’s experienced working with your contractor should help you better gauge the quality of work you can expect. Never hesitate to ask family and friends for potential names.
  2. Do your homework. The hiring process doesn’t end with a referral, however. Once you’ve gotten a list of names, you’ll have to narrow them down further. This means looking them up online. Almost everything can be found on Google these days, so a door replacement company without an online presence may not be your best bet. Besides having an updated business website, they should indicate an existing business location, working phone and email.
  3. Check their credentials. Your new, high-quality replacement door is only as good as its installer. For this reason, you need to make sure your prospective contractor has the following qualities:
  • Licensed. Having the necessary business or state licensing makes them eligible to perform this kind of work in your area. A licensed contractor also helps ensure your door installation complies with safety standards.
  • Insured. Check your door installer for proof of insurance, including workers’ compensation and liability coverage. This protects both you and your investment in case anything goes awry during the project.
  • Experienced. You’ll want to work with a door contractor who already has a tried-and-true installation process. This allows for timelier, smoother and more efficient work. Because they have the necessary skills and experience, they can eliminate the potential for costly mistakes and even property damage.
  • Certified. Work with a contractor who represents the top door manufacturers. You’ll have access to higher quality replacement doors and the extensive warranties included with them. They’ll also ensure their installation adheres to the manufacturer’s’ quality specifications.

Getting an exterior door replacement needn’t be taxing, you’ll be fine as long you know what to look for and what to do. Once you have all the essentials in place, you can ensure a smoother process and get the healthy return on investment you expect.

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