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Entry and Patio Door Replacement: How Does It Benefit You? – Part 2: Reasons to Get New Doors & What to Look For

While exterior door replacement may take some time and money, the advantages it can provide more than make up for the initial costs. In fact, Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs Value Report reveals that an entry door replacement can easily recoup up to 91.3% of what you spend. Check out some of the reasons a new entry or patio door is a worthy investment:

1. Enhances your home’s curb appeal. While your roofing and siding take up a large part of your home, it’s the entry and patio doors that are the focal point. They trump your other exterior components in terms of significance. But your doors aren’t going to make a great first impression when they’re already old and failing. This is where professional door replacement comes in. With a newer, better door, you can help your home make a bigger impression from the curb.

What should you look for? Customization is half the fun in door replacement. Choose a good design. Entry doors come in different sizes and finishes, plus varying sidelites. These make matching your new unit with your home’s style and exterior palette much easier. You won’t lack for options when it comes to choosing a color for your entry door–you can be as bold as you like. For those looking for something more classic, there are replacement units available in a range of woodgrain finishes, such as cherry, oak and mahogany.

For patio doors, you can choose either hinged French and sliding glass–two of the most popular styles available today. Hinged French patio doors offer a timeless look that makes them an instant focal point in any home. Sliding glass patio doors, on the other hand, bring a sleek and contemporary vibe given their thin frames and expansive glass. To further add to the look of your new doors, choose the right hardware finish and grille pattern.

2. Improves comfort and energy efficiency. Advances in technology have allowed for entry and patio doors that can help keep your home comfortable in any season while keeping energy costs to a minimum.

What should you look for? To ensure your new doors can provide superior energy performance, check them for the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, which helps consumers choose more energy-efficient options for home improvement. An entry or patio door with the ENERGY STAR label means they have met, or even exceeded the stringent energy performance ratings set by the program.

This, of course, will depend on the material and glass included with your new exterior doors. Make sure the material is durable and has exceptional insulating values. The glass should come with advanced coating technology that effectively bounces heat back to its source. This way, your home can remain cool and comfortable in summer and cozy and warm during colder months.

3. Increases weather protection and home security. Get entry and patio doors that can help keep you and your family safe and secure all year round. Don’t overlook weather protection–your new doors should be able to withstand anything the climate throws at them.

What should you look for? Make sure you choose a durable material for your doors. Some of the more popular options include fiberglass and steel. Doors made of these materials are structurally sound, allowing them to head off any external threats, including wind, hail or water damage. A good, multi-point locking system is also a handy and crucial factor when choosing new exterior doors.

Once you’ve taken these into account, you’ll see just how exterior door replacement can enhance the quality of life in your home.

What makes a reliable door installer important? We’ll discuss this in the third and final installment of our three-part blog.

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